Product Announcement from ProMation Engineering, Inc.

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Exclusive ProMation AutoCalibration Eases Installation

ProMation Engineering's Premium Proportional controls are the only actuators that offer AutoCalibration that allows push button set up. This makes installation, maintenance and re-installation easy and repeatable.

Fault Indicator Can Reduce Wiring Issues

The ProMation proportional control board will indicate when input signals are miswired and will not operate. The display shows users any active faults.

Multiple Input Signals Increase Flexibility

ProMation Engineering proportional controllers are compatible with most industrial control signals (4-20mA, 1-5vdc or 2-10vdc). Input and feedback can be independently selected. BUS network interfacing is also available.

Wide Voltage Range for All Industrial Applications

ProMation Engineering manufactures actuators to operate under 24VDC/VAC, 120VAC, 230VAC power, as well as 230V, 380V, 460V & 575V 3 phase power.

On-Board Diagnostics Can Assist with Performance Issues

On-Board diagnostics show status of the actuator, incoming signal, and feedback signal as well as a history of operating parameters such as power on and run times. This data can help the operator analyze process performance.

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