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Local Control Stations (LCS) for Proportional Actuators

ProMation Local Control Stations (LCS) provide an alternate method of control directly at the actuator. They can be mounted right on the actuator or mounted remotely, providing a convenient array of controls and displays of functions that can be performed. Proportional Local Control Stations afford operators, local or remote, all functionality of the proprtional actuator. This can be invaluable in protecting processes and equipment, troubleshooting, or maintenance.

LCS units are typically used when there is a need to take control of an actuator at or near the actuator's location, such as an actuator mounted some distance off the floor. Proportional operability at the LCS can be a huge benefit to workers by increasing functionality and saving time.

A proportional LCS can be configured in a wide range of options including full proportional control, displays of both proportional signal input and feedback, and valve position displays.

ProMation Engineering has designed the interior of the LCS's for durability and ease of installation:

  •     Industrial Grade Switches and Indicators
  •     Modular Terminal Blocks for Easy Field Wiring
  •     Fully Gasketed for NEMA 4/4X compliance
  •     Enclosures available in steel, stainless steel, or fiberglass
  •     Access door opens 180 degrees providing easy access to interior wiring points.

Follow this link for a comparison of the many units offered:

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