Hot Water On Demand

Product Announcement from ProSonix Corporation

Hot Water On Demand-Image

ProSonix DSI on-demand water heaters provide hot water for process & utility heating in your plant. Our PSX Inline I-Series heats water instantly is a single pass with high turndown on steam & water, eliminating hot water shortages in high demand cycles.

  • High liquid turndown up to 10:1 supports small volume hot water supply periods and the ability to ramp up for full scale plant cleaning needs. 
  • Precise temperature control of +/- 1 deg F insures smooth integration & and reliable response for heater control operation
  • Temperature rise of up to 250 deg F in a single pass. 
  • Self cleaning design eliminates down time from mineral & scale build-up
  • Inline design for compact & economical installation.

Well suited for the following:

  • CIP washdown & sanitation needs.
  • Boiler feedwater, De-aerator water, & R/O Water heating
  • Meat & Poultry processing
  • Vegetable & Potato blanching and can topping applications
  • Vent & waste steam recovery of low pressure steam
  • Tank & vessel heating

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