Cover Meter - Profometer 5+

Product Announcement from Proceq SA

Cover Meter - Profometer 5+-Image

The Profometer 5+ cover meter is a sophisticated device for the non destructive location of rebars and for the measurement of concrete cover and bar diameters, using the eddy current principle with pulse induction as the measuring method. As well as detecting the rebar diameter accurately to the millimeter by only one measuring procedure, the cover meter Profometer 5+ offers the transmission of the measured data to a PC. This supersedes the time consuming business of note taking, allowing the user to focus on the essential. Proceq offers two different models of the Profometer 5+ cover meter, each designed to meet the individual needs of the customer:

  • Profometer 5+ cover meter Model S (Basic Unit) performs the following functions:
    • Locating rebar
    • Concrete cover meter
    • Storing individual cover values and statistical evaluation
    • Determining the bar diameters
  • The Profometer 5+ cover meter Model Scanlog has all the function of the model S but offers additionally the following features:
    • 2-dimensional display of rebar layout
    • 2-dimensional display and mapping of concrete cover values

The cover meter meets the customers' needs for digital rebar location.


  • The Profometer 5+ cover meter allows the detection of rebars
  • Measurement of concrete cover depth and rebar diameter
  • Correction functions for the influence of neighbouring bars
  • The cover meter offers optical as well as acoustic locating aids
  • Storage of 40'000 individual cover values and statistical analysis (160'000 with model Scanlog)
  • Data transfer function from the cover meter to a PC and evaluation using the ProVista Analysis Software, included with the cover meter.


  • Locate rebars with the cover meter to avoid them when drilling holes
  • Acceptance inspection of cover after formwork is removed
  • Measuring concrete cover depth with the cover meter
  • Quality assurance in mass production of prefabricated concrete elements
  • Profometer 5+ cover meter Model Scanlog is especially suited for large areas and when comprehensive reporting is required


  • BS 1881 part 204
  • DIN 1045
  • SN 505 262
  • DGZfP B2 (recommendation)