Roll Hardness Tester – Parotester 2

Product Announcement from Proceq SA

Roll Hardness Tester – Parotester 2-Image

The Parotester 2 roll hardness tester provides accurate and reliable evaluations of the roll hardness, hardness profile and hardness variation of paper, foil and film rolls. With Proceq's roll hardness tester, unevenly wound reels can be spotted prior to interruption of operations and cause of quality problems in printing and converting operations.

By taking Leeb readings across the roll, uneven, too soft or too hard winding can be detected and the roll can be rejected. This minimizes the risk of complications e.g. during the printing process on paper.

Automatic loading and unloading of the impact body by pressing the impact device to the roll as implemented in the Parotester 2 roll hardness tester results in fast and repeatable tests of greater resolution than the commonly used Original Schmidt type L hammer tester.


  • The Leeb hardness value (HL) immediately indicates the winding tightness. The measurement with the roll hardness tester is objective and precise
  • The high resolution (1 LU) facilitates comparatively small differences in hardness to be revealed
  • The large LCD display of the roll hardness tester enables an immediate visual assessment of the values
  • The unit can be easily programmed for individual user requirements
  • About 5'000 single measurements can be stored internally. The data can be retrieved via RS 232C for further processing on a PC (use Parolink 3 or Hyperterminal software) or directly printed
  • Using the external barcode reader (accessory part), roll identifications can be quickly captured and accurately read from the barcode of rolls
  • The paper roll hardness tester Parotester 2 is robusta and requires little maintenance


  • This roll hardness tester is well suited for the paper industry
  • Foils, films and other plastic sheet materials where a low impact energy is required
  • Special metal applications (also see metal hardness tester Equotip 3)