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MizAir® Energy Savings Device for AODD's

Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) pumps require a tremendous amount of air to operate. The most affective way to make AODD pumps more efficient is to better manage the air they consume. The obstacle has always been that no two AODD pumps are the same, making it nearly impossible to design a product that consistently works. A patented energy savings device has been developed called MizAir ®. The electro-pneumatic control features unique circuitry allowing it to "learn" the unique characteristics of each pump.

It automatically makes internal adjustments in the MizAir unit to reduce the air consumption of the pump by as much as 50% with little affect on pump throughput, fluid flow or flow rate. On approved pumps, no pump modification is necessary. You literally plumb the unit to the pump and supply 24 volt DC electrical power.

U.S. Patent #7,517,199

Additional Patents Pending

MizAir - Cost Savings Calculator (xls) (15,01 KB)

MizAir - Brochure (pdf) (0,89 MB)

MizAir - Flyer (pdf) (315,91 KB)

MizAir - Installation Guide (pdf) (1,17 MB)


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