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3D CAD to real prototype parts in one business day

Service Detail from Proto Labs, Inc.

3D CAD to real prototype parts in one business day-Image

From 3D CAD to real parts in as fast as one business day.

Proto Labs, through its Protomold injection molding service and Firstcut CNC machining service, is the world's fastest source for real plastic and aluminum parts. The company fills a unique niche in the manufacturing of quick turn parts, using a combination of advanced, proprietary software and sophisticated equipment to produce prototype and low volume runs of custom injection molded and CNC machined parts. The material properties of Proto Labs' real custom manufactured parts surpass those of parts produced by additive prototyping processes.

Our Protomold injection molding service offers most engineering grade resins and a range of cosmetic finishes, making the parts ideal for functional testing during product development. And while Protomold parts have none of the shortcomings-limited resin choice and rough finish-typical of additive prototyping processes, they provide the same advantages of speed and low price. In fact, the functionality of our parts has led hundreds of customers to turn to Proto Labs for bridge tooling, reducing by weeks or even months their products' time to market. In many cases, rapid injection molding has even replaced traditional injection molding for final production.

Our Firstcut CNC machining service is not only great for prototypes, but is great for functional testing, fixtures, jigs, "one-off" projects, or offloading internal machining resources. Choose from over 30 different materials including ABS, Nylon, PC, Delrin, PEEK, ULTEM, aluminum, and brass. You get real material properties and improved surface finishes - FAST!

Proto Labs' process automation begins with quoting. The company's automated quoting system accepts customers' 3D CAD models and returns a detailed ProtoQuote® or FirstQuote® interactive quote (along with suggested design changes, if appropriate) typically within hours of your 3D CAD upload. Customers can interact freely with the quotes, changing material choices, delivery times, and other parameters and get adjusted piece-part pricing as they do so. Once a design is ready and the customer submits a purchase order, parts can be completed and shipped as fast as the next business day.

While Proto Labs automates many of its processes, the company provides accessible, live customer support before, during, and after an order is placed. And while offering personalized service, Proto Labs has the capacity to produce dozens of designs simultaneously, now with facilities in the US, UK and Japan.

Proto Labs
Real Parts. Really Fast.

Phone: 877.479.3680

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

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