The best Screen Available.Poroplate Progressieve™

Product Announcement from Purolator Facet, Inc.

The best Screen Available.Poroplate Progressieve™ -Image


Poroplate Progressieve™ sand control media is manufactured via the same proprietary sintering process as standard Poroplate® screen tube offerings, but employs additional layers of wire mesh to provide extended dirt holding capacity. Each layer of wire mesh is carefully selected based on the particle size distribution or gradient pore screen design that maximizes dirt holding capacity and flow, without compromising sand control filtration capabilities.

The custom orientation of multiple layers of wire cloth creates what can be best described as a series of surface media layers that deliver the dirt holding capacity of a depth media. This unique performance characteristic is made possible because each layer serves a special function of removing a narrowly targeted particle size. This allows each layer of wire cloth to be contaminated only by particles that are larger than its pore size, thereby freeing up subsequent downstream layers to remove progressively finer particles.


  • Standard 316L stainles steel sintered wire cloth mediea
  • Other alloys available, e.g. Alloy 20
  • Rigid, durable media
  • Fixed pore structure
  • High permeability media design
  • Available in micron ratings of 75-400


  • Dramatically improved dirt holding capacity
  • Very low resistance to flow
  • No media migration


  • Heavy, viscous oils
  • Unconsolidated sand formations
  • High fines content

For available sizes, please click here to download PDF.