The Poroplate MaxPore™* Extended Area Filter

Product Announcement from Purolator Facet, Inc.

The Poroplate MaxPore™* Extended Area Filter-Image

Purolator Advanced Filtration is proud to introduce the latest addition to our advanced self-cleaning filter systems- the Poroplate MaxPore™* extended area filter. At the heart of the Poroplate MaxPore™ filter is Poroplate® sintered wire cloth filter media.

The Poroplate MaxPore™ filter assembly consists of multiple Poroplate® sintered wire cloth tubes arranged in a concentric pattern. This arrangement results in a substantial increase in the available effective area of the filter, while maintaining the same overall envelope size as standard size 2 basket filters. Depending on the configuration, the Poroplate MaxPore™ provides up to 500% more area than a standard size 2 basket, and up to 250% more area than a standard tube bundle configuration with 1" (25.4mm) diameter tubes.