Single-Objective Zooming Prober Microscope

Product Announcement from Qioptiq

Single-Objective Zooming Prober Microscope-Image

Designed for productivity. Built for precision. Priced for value.

The New A-Zoom Micro from Qioptiq represents the latest addition to the time-tested line of A-Zoom probing microscopes. Designed for streamlined operation and compact integration onto a multitude of probing stations, the A-Zoom Micro offers a high-value solution for circuit board, semiconductor and
flat-panel display probing without sacrificing features, function or performance

  • Single-objective design eliminates disruptive turret manipulation and affords maximum working space
  • 7:1 manual zoom couples with 2X flip-in magnifier to provide extended 109X - 1524X viewing (visual mag. using 10X Objective)
  • A Variety of eyepiece and head options offer viewing flexibility and ergonomic operation
  • Compact body and 55mm focus block streamline integration onto a wide variety of probing stations
  • On-board LED illumination enhances contrast, simplifies integration and saves space
  • Precision zoom optics are optimized for use with Optem Long Working Distance Objectives.



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