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Quadrant's Duratron® T4540 PAI Labyrinth Seal

Product Announcement from Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products

Quadrant's Duratron® T4540 PAI Labyrinth Seal -Image

Quadrant's Duratron® T4540 PAI meets criteria required for labyrinth seals in a centrifugal compressor. Developed specifically for use in rotating equipment, this polyamide-imide is specified when larger (especially tubular) shapes are required. In this application very low coefficient of friction and good wear properties were required. Due to its increased dimensional stability, Duratron® T4540 PAI is found in applications beyond the interstage seals such as this balance piston seal (pictured).

Quadrant has a proven and growing portfolio of engineering materials for components that can face the challenges in pumps, seals, valves and rotating equipment. Reduced weight and power requirements, chemical exposure, increased meantime between rebuild dimensional stability and temperature capability all have an effect on equipment productivity. The following list of materials is proven performers in each application.

Fixed tooth polymer labyrinth seals - Ketron® CA30 PEEK , Duratron® PAI

Abradable polymer labyrinth seals - Fluorosint® 500

Diffuser / shroud materials - Fluorosint® 500

Pump wear rings - Ketron® HPV PEEK, Ketron® CM CA30 PEEK

Pump throat collar bushings - Ketron® HPV PEEK, Ketron® CM CA30 PEEK

Polymer vanes for pump and compressor applications - Techtron® PPS, Duratron® PAI, Ketron® PEEK

Scroll tip seals - Techtron® PPS, Fluorosint®

Polymer impellers - Techtron® PPS

Polymer pistons - Techtron® PPS, Duratron® PAI, Ketron® PEEK

Piston rings and rider bands - Ketron® PEEK, Fluorosint®, Nylatron®, TIVAR®

Thrust washers - Ketron® PEEK, Duratron® PAI, Techtron® PPS, Fluorosint®

Packing set materials - Fluorosint® 500, Ketron® PEEK

Valve plates and poppets - Ketron® PEEK, Nylatron® GSM, 901 and NSM, Duratron® PAI

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