Reduce Your Stress with Semitron® MP370

Product Announcement from Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products

Reduce Your Stress with Semitron® MP370-Image

Quadrant's new grade of Semitron® MP 370, featured at this years BiTS Workshop, offers more choices in the design and manufacture of precision back end test sockets for the semiconductor manufacture industry. While maintaining the same low moisture absorption and high thermal resistance of PEEK, Semitron® MP 370 provides greater strength and dimensional stability. This custom formulation allows finer and cleaner detail due to it's excellent machinability.

Semitron® MP 370 Features and Benefits:

  • Reduces Stress vs. Injection molded ceramic filled PEEK blends
  • Exceptional machinability - less compressible with more precision hole placement than ceramic filled PEEK blends
  • Cleaner through hole vs. PEEK blends due to higher heat material used

For more information about Quadrant's Semitron® family of products visit us at

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