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Low Lead Stabilizers in PVC Compounds

Product Announcement from Quail Electronics

Low Lead Stabilizers in PVC Compounds-Image

Lead stabilizers have been commonly used in PVC compounds for many years to obtain increased durability and lifetime. The primary reason for adding lead to formulations of PVC wire and cable insulation, is that the PVC insulation could not maintain physical, thermal, and electrical capabilities without some type of stabilizer. Lead is very cost effective, and efficient, however there are growing concerns about it's chronic toxicity that is pushing ahead the research on alternative stabilizers. It has been well established that ingestion of lead can have negative health effects on the human body. Most people are not prone to ingesting lead, but children can sometimes be tempted to chew on, or eat unusual things. The health effects of ingesting lead especially in children include kidney damage, colic, anemia, mental and physical developmental delays, and increased blood pressure. In the United States, California Proposition 65 imposes regulatory burdens on products containing lead. Prop 65 is less stringent than some European standards and specifications. The trend is for increasingly tight control in PVC insulation over the use of heavy metals, including the recycling of heavy metals. The majority of electronic products sold in Europe, must be lead free by July 1, 2006. International OEM's are increasingly becoming more sensitive to the issue, and are expecting their suppliers to develop phase-out plans. Manufacturers in all regions, will need to prepare for eliminating lead. Even companies not directly affected by the legislation still need to assess the effects of changes in the supply chain customer demand. "Our objective at Quail Electronics is to continue to research low lead, or no lead alternatives to providing PVC insulation in the power cords we supply our customers. We are obviously mindful and concerned about the health issues, but we also want to stay ahead of the curve by knowing and complying with any legislation or regulatory requirements on this issue. We are currently stocking and supplying several low lead power cords, and we continue to add more to the list. Our objective is to come into compliance with all safety requirements well before the deadlines. We want our customers to know that we are aware of the issues and we are aggressively taking action." Greg Ruppert - General Manager - Quail Electronics, Inc.