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Monosorb BET- Surface Area Analyzer

Product Announcement from Quantachrome Instruments

Monosorb BET- Surface Area Analyzer-Image

Often emulated, never matched. The Monosorb is as popular as ever. Ideal for quality control applications, teaching or entry-level surface area analyzer. Affordable, fast, robust. Requires as little as 6 minutes to complete an analysis,
uses small quantities of sample resulting in short outgassing and analysis times,
no vacuum pump needed, doesn't require void volume measurements and ideal gas corrections.

With the push of just one button, the sequence of moving the cryogenic dewar up, adsorption, moving the dewar down, warming of the sample cell, desorption and display of the surface area, all occur without operator intervention.

The Autocalibrate feature (syringe & needle-free) guarantees proper calibration at all times, and the built-in Flow Controller provides the ultimate in flow stability.

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