Auxiliary Actuators for Basic Switches - 0TTO

Product Announcement from Quist Electronics

Auxiliary Actuators for Basic Switches - 0TTO-Image

Bushing mount pushbuttons for OTTO B2 & B3 basics.

Sealed Construction

P4 series auxiliary actuators are designed to work with OTTO B2 (single break) and B3 (double break) basic switches. Auxiliary type actuators offer a wide variety of styles and types. Special basic switch characteristics can be specified to match your application needs. All case styles, except 1 and 4, feature OTTO's patented "rolling sleeve" principle and are sealed to IP64.

Unsealed Construction

These unsealed pushbutton actuators feature a choice of 1/4" and 15/32" mounting bushings with nylon buttons available in nine colors. Choose single, two, three and four pole models. To order standard models, use the Part Number Code shown below.