Bergquist Sil Pad Tube

Product Announcement from Quist Electronics

Bergquist Sil Pad Tube-Image

SPT 400 and SPT 1000 (Sil-Pad Tubes) provide thermally conductive insulation for clipmounted plastic power packages. Sil-Pad Tubes are made of silicone rubber with high thermal conductivity.

Sil-Pad Tube 1000 is best suited for higher thermal performance. Sil-Pad Tube 400 is ideal for applications requiring average thermal conductivity and economy.

Sil-Pad Tube 400 and Sil-Pad Tube 1000 are designed to meet VDE, U.L. and TUV agency requirements.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Clip-mounted power semiconductors
  • TO-220,TO-218,TO-247 and TO-3P

Configurations Available:

  • TO-220,TO-218,TO-247 and TO-3P

Features and Benefits:

  • Thermal conductivity: SPT 400 - 0.9 W/m-K
  • Thermal conductivity: SPT 1000 - 1.2 W/m-K
  • For clip mounted plastic power packages

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