Carling G & H Series Circuit Breakers

Product Announcement from Quist Electronics

Carling G & H Series Circuit Breakers -Image

G-Series DIN Rail, HyMag Circuit Breaker

This product is designed for use in DIN rail applications, and is suitable for domestic and international use as it meets IEC spacing requirements (TUV/CCC approvals pending) and has UL 1077 and CSA agency approvals. The G-series is rated up to 63 Amps, has a conventional 17.5 mm form/fit DIN rail breaker housing and is available in 1 to 4 poles.


  • An optional integrated auxiliary switch embedded within the breaker. The optional auxiliary switch does not require a separate housing, or pole. As a result, the G-series takes up less panel space than the other brands.
  • Utilizes hydraulic/magnetic technology, which provides precise circuit protection operation and performance even when exposed to extremely hot and/or cold application environments. Many other DIN rail breakers utilize a thermal bimetal element requiring a de-rating factor to prevent nuisance tripping in hot environments, or a potentially destructive long delay in cold environments.

H-Series Hydraulic/Magnetic Circuit Breaker


  • Provides reliable circuit protection in a low cost compact package, a single pole unit has a length of 1.732", width of .630", and a height of 1.654"
  • Meets IEC spacing, making it an ideal choice for your international market applications
  • Designed to meet UL489A, UL1077, CSA, C22.2 and EN60934
  • Contains a "trip-free" mechanism - the contacts will open when a fault condition occurs, even if the handle is held in the ON position

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