Carling PC-Series ELCI/GFCI Panel Seal

Product Announcement from Quist Electronics

Carling PC-Series ELCI/GFCI Panel Seal-Image

Carling Technologies, a world leader circuit breaker manufacturer, introduces the PC Series ELCI/GFCI Panel Seal, an IP 67 and IP 66 certified silicone boot for maximum environmental protection.

Features & Benefits

• Panel seals are configured for 3, 4 & 5 pole configurations with one handle per unit, one handle per pole, flat rocker,curved rocker, and push-to-reset rocker.

• Resistant to salt spray, ozone, dust, water and most acids.

• Stainless Steel or Zinc chromate plated carbon steel mounting plate.

• Highly tear resistant.

• Transparent white silcone material avoids discoloration.

• Withstands rigorous military environment demands.


• Anywhere additional environmental protection is required for circuit breakers

• Industrial and construction sites

• Marine vehicles

• Military environment