Mechanical Products Series 16 Cicuit Breakers

Product Announcement from Quist Electronics

Mechanical Products Series 16 Cicuit Breakers-Image

The MP Series 16 Push-to-Reset Circuit Breaker is the most popular product family and is available in over 2000 different types of variations. This circuit breaker offers the tightest performance curves available and is UL1500 Ignition Protected.

The internal design of the Series 16 circuit breaker includes a "snap-acting" mechanism allowing for reliable interruption of current flow under overload conditions. This manual circuit breaker, once activated will remain in a disengaged state until it is manually reset. This breaker is designed to meet numerous application requirements, and can do so at a very economical price.

  • UL1077 rated Push-to-Reset Circuit Breaker
  • UL 1500 Ignition Protected
  • Ratings
    • Voltage - 250VAC/50VDC (.5A-25A), 250VAC/32VDC (26A-70A)
    • Current - 0.5-4.5 Amps, 05-35 Amps, 40-70 Amps
    • Short Circuit Interrupt - 1kA@250VAC/50VDC, 2ka@120VAC
  • Testing Performed
    • Vibration: 8g force
    • Shock: 30g force
    • Corrosion: 96hr salt-spray
    • Humidity: 240hr at 95% RH