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Sil Pad Thermally Conductive Insulator - Bergquist-Image

Sil-Pad 400 is a composite of silicone rubber and fiberglass.The material is flame retardant and is specially formulated for use as a thermally conductive insulator.The primary use for Sil-Pad 400 is to electrically isolate power sources from heat sinks.

Sil-Pad 400 has excellent mechanical and physical characteristics. Surfaces are pliable and allow complete surface contact with excellent heat dissipation. Sil-Pad 400 actually improves its thermal resistance with age. The reinforcing fiberglass provides excellent cut-through resistance. In addition, Sil-Pad 400 is non-toxic and resists damage from cleaning agents.

Features and Benefits

  • Thermal impedance: 1.13°C-in2/W (@50 psi)
  • Original Sil-Pad material
  • Excellent mechanical and physical characteristics
  • Flame retardant

Typical Applications Include:

  • Power supplies
  • Automotive electronics
  • Power semiconductors
  • Motor controls

Configurations Available:

Sheet form, die-cut parts and roll form; with or without pressure sensitive adhesive

Sil-Pad 400 Data Sheet