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Pulse Transformers/ Power Transformers from RFI Corporation.

Pulse Transformers for radar, oncology and laser systems. RFI's pulse transformers are used for matching the voltage and impedance of the PFN to the RF power tubes. Each pulse transformer is 100% performance-tested for induced voltage, pulse wave shape and corona.

RFI's charging reactors and flyback transformers are custom designed to charge the pulse forming resonance network. These units are liquid (oil) impregnated in welded case and liquid heat exchangers are often employed to reduce the effects of heat.

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Since being established in 1961, then, RFI has become the industry's leader in EMI/RFI/EMC technology, products, and services used in the Aerospace, Defense, Homeland Security, Medical, Industrial & Commercial markets. They have over 100,000 existing designs, and a customer base over several thousand strong. More Info...

An overview of RFI Corporation's extensive standard and custom product line includes (use the links below for specific products and specifications):