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Precision grade 7-16 DIN adapters are highly desired in test applications such as base station PIM testing. These low loss, low VSWR adapters are designed to be used with portable antenna and cable analyzers. Anritsu's Site MasterTM, Summitek's SITM series and Boonton's PIM testers are examples where high grade DIN adapters are used. Stainless steel hex nuts are highly desirable since they hold up to frequent attachment without flaking. This prevents debris from finding it's way onto the connector interface and interfering with test results. Connectors with stainless hex nuts, therefore, generate the most accurate test results.

Kit Content

The P2RFA-4013-SS, 7-16 DIN Precision Adapter Kit, gives you six of the most needed 7-16 DIN and N adapters for bench and field use.

Adapters in the P2RFA-4013-SS kit are:

· P2RFD-1652-SS: 7-16 DIN Male to 7-16 DIN Female Right Angle; White Bronze, Stainless Steel Coupling Nut

· P2RFD-1653-4: 7-16 DIN Female to 7-16 DIN Female; White Bronze

· P2RFD-1670-SS: 7-16 DIN Male to N Male; White Bronze, Stainless Steel Coupling Nut

· P2RFD-1671-SS: 7-16 DIN Male to N Female; White Bronze, Stainless Steel Coupling Nut

· P2RFD-1672-SS: 7-16 DIN Female to N Male; White Bronze, Stainless Steel Coupling Nut

· P2RFD-1673-4: 7-16 DIN Female to N Female; White Bronze

All 7-16 DIN adapters are machined to exacting specifications with White Bronze plated bodies and Stainless Steel coupling nuts for tarnish free service and superior electrical performance along with low passive intermodulation products. (PIM) White Bronze plating offers a non-magnetic solution while retaining high conductivity in the conductor paths. Engineered for long life in field applications, they are also suitable for lab environments. Test charts are included for each adapter.

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