Corning Fiber Optic Cables, Custom & Standard

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Fiber Optic Cables at Gold Corning Standards

The Corning Cable Systems CAH Connections GOLD Program represents the highest standard for manufacturers of optical patch cords. Cables Unlimited is part of an elite group of Corning Cable Assembly Houses (CAHs) that meet the high production and quality standards required to be eligible for this program. We have demonstrated manufacturing and business excellence over a period of many years. Contact us for details on the Corning Cable Systems 25-year Extended WarrantySM Program (EWP).

Fiber Optic Patch Cords: Single-Mode and Multimode

Cables Unlimited assembles and markets a wide range of high quality fiber optic patch cables: single-mode, multimode, and specialty fibers. We help our customers keep pace with the insatiable demand for bandwidth in corporate networks and data centers. The ground breaking innovations in Corning fiber provide customers with high quality solutions at a price/quality level unrivaled in the industry.

From the highest quality fiber cable and connectors, to advanced production processes, we produce the best quality products to ensure that you receive precisely the cable you need for your specific application.

Fiber Optic Cables with High Density MTP Connectors

Cables Unlimited offers Corning fiber assemblies using Multi-fiber Termination Push-on (MTP) connectors designed by USConec. This compact design allows high-density connections between network equipment. Where space is an issue, MTP connector cables allow more connectors on the overcrowded faceplate, thus reducing the footprint of the system. It interfaces with current MPO connectors.

Though about twice the size as an SC connector, it can hold up to 12 fibers, thereby providing up to 12 times the density.

Optical Fiber Trunk Cable Assemblies

High Performance, High Density Solutions for Data Centers and SANs Cables Unlimited is a cable supplier and network cable installer, offering optical fiber trunk cables for 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Fiber Channel, FDDI, ATM, Token Ring and other data and voice communications.

Our knowledge and experience in designing and implementing fiber optic systems for data centers and SANs (storage area networks), is an invaluable asset to our customers. We work in partnership with leading fiber cable manufacturers and we offer U.S. based and offshore fiber optic cable manufacturing services. Our cutting edge technology allows us to offer both standard and custom fiber cable products at very competitive prices.

We are known in the industry for our exceptionally fast response with quotations and turnaround. Same Day Shipping is available on many of our products.

Custom Fiber Optic Cables

Our fiber optic patch cables are provided with the required fiber length, cable style, and polish specification for your application. Custom fiber optic patch cables and solutions are our specialty.

For a quote, contact Craig Catalano at Cables Unlimited at (800) 590-9965 or (631) 563-6363, or or visit their website at

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