RFM TRC103 863-960 MHz RFIC Short-Range Radio

Product Announcement from RFM (RF Monolithics, Inc.)

RFM TRC103 863-960 MHz RFIC Short-Range Radio-Image

• Ultra-low RX current consumption @ ~3.3 mA typical

• High RX sensitivity @ -112 dBm typical (FSK)

• High data rate (programmable) @ 32 kb/s OOK, 200 kb/s FSK

• Programmable transmit power +11 dBm

All critical RF and base-band functions are integrated in the radio, minimizing external component count while simplifying and speeding design-ins.

TRC103 DEVELOPER KITS CONTAIN Program CD with software and manuals, a Quick Start guide, and 2 each of: DR radio boards, DR interface boards, and all the necessary hardware plus firmware and utility software to support efficient technology evaluation, and system development.

Developer Kits for TRC103 863-960 MHz RFIC Short-Range Radios from RFM Available in Three Frequency Ranges:

DR-TRC103-868-DK (863-870 MHz)

DR-TRC103-915-DK (902-928 MHz)

DR-TRC103-960-DK (950-960 MHz)