SAW Resonators

Product Announcement from RFM (RF Monolithics, Inc.)

SAW Resonators-Image

These products are designed to be the frequency control element in transmitters and receiver local oscillators. Their use allows reduced receiver bandwidths, which results in improved sensitivity and immunity to interference. Tighter center frequency tolerances are becoming popular primarily in Europe. RFM can provide as tight as +/-50 kHz currently. These devices are quartz stabilized to ensure maximum temperature performance in a variety of applications.

The SAW Resonator product family includes one and two-port types. The RO series is a line of true one-port devices with a lumped element model that is similar to that of a bulk crystal device. One-port resonators are typically used in modified Colpitts oscillator configurations where the resonator is connected between the base of a transistor and ground.

RO resonator products are packaged in both the traditional TO39 and a variety of surface-mount packages. The TO39 parts are shipped in antistatic shipping tubes and the SMT parts are shipped in tape-and-reel. RFM is currently manufacturing both the TO39 and SMT versions of one-port resonators in high volumes.

These systems are typically required in applications such as automotive keyless entry, tire pressure monitoring, door and gate openers, personal and home security, automated meter readers, wireless point of sale terminals, bar code readers, identification tags, and computer peripherals.