RIDGID® 460-12 Portable TRISTAND® Vise

Product Announcement from RIDGID®

RIDGID® 460-12 Portable TRISTAND® Vise-Image

The RIDGID TRISTAND chain vises are intended to hold PVC, steel and copper pipes. The Model 460-12 has a 12-inch jaw and an extended chain to grip pipe diameters up to 12 inches.

Portable 460-12 TRISTAND Chain Vise

· Optimized Base For More Working Area - Benders are located at the rear of the base and three tool hangers are provided.

· Integrated Ground Lug - Provides a conductive surface to connect the weld ground.

· Self Hooking for 4" Pipe - No need to use a second hand to engage the chain into the wear plate.

· Leg Chain - Retains legs even when subjected to rugged use during operation and transport.

· Rugged Tool Tray - Prolonged stability before requiring a leg adjustment.

· 12" Jaws & Extended Chain.

· Adjustable Rear Leg - Provides the ability to level the stand.