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RK Lambda Colonne Telescopic Lifting Device-Image

This column is a telescopic lifting device that can be used for various applications involving the lifting or setting down of loads. The RK Lambda Colonne can be used separately (single) or in pairs (Twin). Two columns are driven in parallel mode by means of a transformer. Synchronization is achieved through integrated potentiometers, which causes a permanent level adjustment of both columns. A single Lambda Colonne lifts up to 4,500 N, while the twin configuration lifts up to 9,000 N over a maximum travel length of 600 mm. It is driven by a 24 V DC motor that is generally supplied by a positioning/transformer unit (230 V AC - 24 V DC).


• High lifting power
• Fitting position according to customer requirements
• Adjusted guides minimized backlash
• Self-locking even under maximum load
• Thermal protection
• Individual or synchronized controller available

RK Lambda Colonne

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