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The RK PowerLift with special guide concept is part of a new generation of lifting columns. It distinguishes itself by withstanding high bending and torsional moments, while maintaining an excellent guiding quality. Attractively designed, the RK Powerlift is as equally at home in an industrial environment, as it is in the office or in a medical setting.

Three types are available differing mainly in the style of their outer profiles. For the geometry of the "technic" design we have attached great importance to functionality. Its straight edges and 30 mm slot geometry integrated in the outer profiles enable the easy attachment of profiles. Hence, the lifting column can be incorporated into existing structures without difficulty. For example, it is typically used for the height adjustment of assembly tables and CAD work tables.

Besides the basic version with rack and pinion drive and inner control (integrated into the housing of the column) three other types of RK Powerlift are available: with external control, spindle driven and manually driven.


  • Three different designs available
  • Takes high torsional and bending moments
  • Integrated motor and positioning control
  • Four fixation slots on the outer profile
  • Adjustable travel length
  • Advantageous ratio of installation height and travel length
  • Low-noise operation
  • Optional connection to an external control 24-36 V
  • RK PowerLift "medical tech" for medical technology available

RK PowerLift

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