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Stairs and Railings are a snap with RK StairWorks-Image

StairWorks by RK, a unique system of joint clamps, tubes, stairs and side rails, provides a simple method for constructing handrails, stair systems, working platforms, gangways and catwalks. Connections between the cast aluminum joint clamps and the connecting tubes are flush and burr free. Easy joint-and-tube connections reduce construction and assembly time to a minimum. Without any machine work, connections are made effortlessly, simply by tightening a clamping screw.

The RK StairWorks system includes 16 basic joints like 90º elbows, 45º T-joints, coupler joints, and wall flange joints. Special stair extrusions and stair joints are also part of the line. The new Quick-Change StairWorks system is offered with 9 joints. This system allows protected working and machine areas to have more efficient accessibility.

Components are available in wet paint, powder coat and anodized colors.

RK StairWorks Components

RK Quick Change System

RK Internal Tension System

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