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Laser Marking: Scratching the Surface-Image

In the past, CO2 and Nd: YAG lasers dominated the marking, cutting and welding of industrial tooling and manufactured goods. These laser types were the first to be brought to the marketplace and they were quite useful for their time. Focusing solely on the laser marking side of these technologies, each unit was causing Heat Affected Zones (HAZ), Recasting/Remelt Layers, Stress Risers, and/or, Micro-Cracking.

HAZ is the area of base material where the microstructure and properties were altered by the heat intensive marking operation. This heating, then subsequent cooling causes this change in the surrounding area of the marking. Recasting/re-melt layer is the surrounding area of the marking affected by the heat. Stress risers and micro-cracking are the location of a part where stress can be concentrated. Parts, or anything for that matter, are strongest when forces are distributed evenly. If marking damages the surface or causes drastic surface irregularities, the stress is no longer distributed evenly, but rather focused on the specific region and this reduction in surface area can propagate cracking and ultimately will lead to part failure.

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