Product Announcement from RMI Laser, LLC

U-2G 532nm Nd:YVO4 Laser Marking System-Image

The U-2G is the ideal laser marking system for Printed Circuit Boards, Integrated Circuits, and Wafer markings. Capable of performing a burnished marking of 500 nanometers or less, all the way up to surface etching of 100+ microns deep, this 532nm laser marker will meet your marking needs without causing surface degradation of micro-cracking.

Capable of marking coding such as UID, data matrices, QR codes, barcodes along with serialized alpha-numerics in either a singular marking format for wafer marking or a batch process for IC's.

The U-2G with a 254mm lens will cover an 8" diameter marking area for either larger wafers or batch markings of IC's.

The compact design allows for easy integration into existing workspaces or production lines, or it can be setup as a stand-alone workstation.

Whatever your needs for semiconductor marking, RMI Laser has your solution.

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