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Industry's smallest Hall IC packages by ROHM-Image

Chip scale packaging is ideal for portable electronics applications; configurations include Unipolar, Omnipolar and Bipolar devices, all with internal compensation and CMOS Logic Output

SAN DIEGO, Calif.? ROHM Semiconductor formally introduces its complete line of Hall Effect ICs for portable electronics applications. An important feature of the product family is its availability in the industry's smallest chip-scale BGA package, measuring just 1.1 mm square with a package height of just 0.5 mm. A slightly larger surface-mount package, measuring 1.6 x 1.6 x 0.6 mm, is also available. This mechanical advantage combined with the industry's lowest average current (as low as 3.5 µA), fully-integrated compensation and push-pull CMOS logic output circuitry make these devices an attractive alternative to mechanical switches and competitive Hall effect devices. The integrated dynamic offset cancellation yields high sensitivity to allow for less precise placement of the permanent magnet. The integrated CMOS output eliminates the need for external pull-up resistors. In addition, the devices are rated at 8 kV ESD withstand, important for reliable operation in handheld devices. Finally, the ROHM Hall ICs are rated for -40C to +85C operation, again important for reliable operation in portable consumer electronics.

The ROHM Hall IC Switch family includes:

  • Unipolar switches that can be specified to switch on in the presence of either an S-Pole or N-pole magnetic field of sufficient strength. The output will switch off if the magnetic field is removed.
    • Commonly used in applications like jack-knife or slide-open style cell phones to detect the open state.
    • Power consumption is reduced through the implementation of intermittent sensing with typical response time of 5 ms.
    • Most competitive devices are availalble in S-Pole-sensing.
  • Omnipolar switches, similar to Unipolar types but containing two Hall plates, that can be switched on with a either north or south field of sufficient strength. The output will switch off when the field is removed.
    • Used in similar applications as Unipolar switches with the added benefit of removing the requirement of placing the magnet polarity.
  • Polarity Discriminating switches, similar to Omnipolar devices but with separate outputs, that are switched based upon detection of a north or south pole. The output(s) will switch off when the field is removed.
    • Used in rotating screen devices to detect both open position and orientation.
  • Bipolar switches that switch on with a south magnetic field of sufficient strength and switch off with a north magnetic field of sufficient strength. The output will not change if the magnetic field is removed.
    • Used in jog wheel and track ball applications to detect changes in menu selection
    • Extremely fast response time (0.5 ms) and high sensitivity (Bop / Brp = 3.0 / -3.0 mT) is required for this application.
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