SERVOMAX Couplings – In Stock

Product Announcement from R+W Coupling Technology

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Compact and backlash free, R+W SERVOMAX elastomer insert couplings are stocked in a wide variety of sizes, bore diameters, and keyway dimensions for off the shelf delivery. With a choice of three different Shore hardness levels, depending on the combination of flexibility, vibration damping and torque rigidity required, the EKL is a good fit for most direct coupled servo gearhead outputs.

R+W elastomer inserts undergo a proprietary calibration process, smoothing out the surfaces in contact with the precision machined jaws, and significantly improving the dimensional tolerance of the insert. The flattened surface means less compression of high points on the insert when the coupling is under load conditions, and therefore improved backlash characteristics which can be proven. The good dimensional tolerance also allows for a much easier fit between the insert and the hub, making for easier assembly and smaller reaction loads on shaft bearings when compensating for axial and angular misalignment.

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