Extreme Capacity Nylatron Wheels for Aerospace Mfg

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RWM's Nylatron HD Wheels are as strong as steel. They have great rollability and are easier on production floors than steel and iron wheels. Our Nylatron HD Wheels are extremely heavy duty wheels designed for severe loads, yet they do not chunk or separate under extreme applications. They have been serving heavy duty industries such as aerospace and equipment manufacturing for many years.

Proudly made in the USA at RWM's Gastonia, NC facility, these wheels can be designed and custom machined to any application specific standards and are the ultimate solution in heavy duty and custom application demands. Nylatron HD Wheels offer extreme capacity capabilities similar to steel wheels, but these wheels don't damage floors. Our heavy duty MOS2 reinforced nylon material offers great chemical resistance, heat tolerance and rolls extremely well.

These Nylatron HD Wheels are ideal for toll and die carts, assembly lines, heavy equipment and industrial manufacturing needs ofhigh demand applications, but can also be found in many smaller applications where high capacity is needed but larger diameter wheels aren't possible. Wheel hardness is 80-85D with standard sizes from 2 inches in diameter up to 12 inches. Available capacities range from 250 lbs. up to 16,500 lbs. in our 10" x 4" wheels.

These wheels come equipped with sealed precision ball bearings to match the beneficial wash down and chemical resistant properties of the wheels, but they can be offered with alternative bearings such as tapered roller bearings and many more. These wheels are an excellent match to the RWM 75, 76, 85, 95 and 125 seeries caster products. Information on RWM's Nylatron HD Wheels can be found at http://www.rwmcasters.com/caster_wheels/nylatron_hd_wheels.cfm.

Visit our website at www.rwmcasters.com for additional product information!


  • Finish: Machined
  • Bores: Special configurations available on request
  • Bearings: Sealed Precision Ball Bearings
  • Durometer: Shore 80-85D
  • Options: Flanged, V-Groove, and other configurations available upon request

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