Machined Steel Flanged Wheels to Move Huge Loads

Product Announcement from RWM Casters Company

Machined Steel Flanged Wheels to Move Huge Loads-Image

RWM Casters Machined Steel Flanged Wheels are designed with the most gruesome applications in mind. These industrial track wheels optimize production flow by running on tracks instead of the production floor itself, preventing damage to your floors and aiding in rollability. Capable of handling the largest loads, these wheels are the best solution to move the heaviest of projects and are proudly Made in the USA!

RWM's machined steel flanged wheels are induction heat treated for extended service life and long term abuse. They are available in wheel diameter sizes from 6" to 10", flange diameters from 7" to 12" with wheel widths ranging from 2" to 4" with straight or tapered roller bearings. View the specifications for our full line of steel flanged wheels on our website:

Heavy duty industrial wheels may not always be a standard product and must be custom engineered to meet your specific application needs. If you have a unique set of requirements that aren't covered by our standard products, then contact us to see what our engineering team can custom design for you!

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