Minimize Overall Height and Maximize Load Capacity

Product Announcement from RWM Casters Company

Minimize Overall Height and Maximize Load Capacity-Image

2-125 Series Dual Wheel Casters offer high weight capacities with minimal overall heights, better load distribution, floor protection and mobility than single wheel casters. This is a result of spreading the weight over a wider floor area while offering wheel differential action, resulting in less friction between the wheels and the floor, requiring less effort for the caster to swivel. These casters are offered with several 4", 5" or 6" wheel combinations (cast iron, forged steel, urethane on iron and ultra thick urethane).

Dual wheel casters are ideal for tow lines, shock load applications and abusive conditions, production line dollies and trucks used in various industries for extra heavy duty applications such as boat and ship molding and building, automotive, aerospace, metal fabricating, metal forging, heavy machinery and equipment, military equipment, mobile homes, etc.

These casters feature our patented offset precision-machined Kingpinless Raceway that adds more mass at key points and exerts radial force evenly where there is full contact between the ball bearing and the raceway. More thorough heat treatment provides additional strength and combats brinelling into the core material. The result:

  • high radial force absorption
  • extra impact resistance
  • less maintenance
  • longer service life
  • high maneuverability
  • smoother swiveling action
  • elimination of the "pull apart" forces of stress in the swivel section
  • vastly reduced raceway wear and
  • no direct "hammering" forces on the intersections of the raceways

For more information about our unique Kingpinless raceways, visit this link:

Visit this link to download CAD drawings:

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