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Omega Wheels Reduce Noise and Absorb Shock-Image

The RWM Caster Omega Wheel is a patented urethane wheel developed for towline caster applications such as automotive plants to provide noise reduction and shock absorbing capabilities through a web / spoke design. The Omega Wheel can carry high loads at high speeds, retains its bond at high speeds which increases the service life of your equipment, resists chunking and tearing when traveling over rough surfaces and sharp objects like standard polyurethane wheels do. The result is a reduction in maintenance costs due to the wheel lasting longer. The Omega Wheel will roll over metal chips and floor debris without embedding the material into the tread as standard polyurethane wheels do, resulting in quieter wheel revolution and cleaner floors. Omega Wheels eliminate the need for spring load casters and are built to industry standards and can be retrofitted to any caster rig using the same size wheels. Overall, the Omega Wheel will provide longer service life, reduce maintenance costs, reduce noise, and operate for a fraction of the cost of standard polyurethane wheels over time. These industrial wheels are proudly Made in the USA.

To view detailed information on the Omega Wheel Design Advantage, click on this link:


Wheel Bearing: Choice of straight roller bearing, tapered or ball bearings
Temperature Range: -40°F to 180°F
Hardness: 95 Shore A Durometer


  • Automotive Plants
  • Towline Applications
  • Noise Reduction
  • Shock Absorbsion
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