Inventor of Heavy Duty Kingpinless Casters

Product Announcement from RWM Casters Company

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RWM Casters is the originator and market leader of industrial Kingpinless casters. Our Kingpinless casters are designed and produced in the USA to meet a myriad of application specific opportunities. Don't be fooled by imitation, low quality and imported product. It's not the same. Demand the highest quality, heaviest duty, most tested and proven Kingpinless casters in the industry!

Our Kingpinless caster products range from 150lbs to over 60,000lbs in capacity. Custom caster design and fabrication to meet exact specifications is available direct from our US based manufacturing facility in Gastonia, North Carolina. Our raceways have been stringently designed from the ground up to handle the heaviest loads and most abusive situations, not just copied into production by an overseas factory.

In addition to our line of Kingpinless casters, RWM also offers countless caster, wheel and material handling product combinations specifically catered to nearly any industry. RWM Casters utilizes premium PTMEG blend polyurethanes to provide high quality polyurethane tread wheels that offer the best performance benefits in shock absorption, noise reduction, high speed operation and push/pull ergonomics. Our Blended Elastomer and Nylon Wheels enable goods to roll with as little effort as possible while handling heavy loads. Our forged steel wheels offer the highest capacity potentials when paired with our 125 series casters to get even the heaviest of products moving. Quality elastomeric high tensile synthetic rubber wheels provide quiet and floor friendly operation.

All RWM products are designed with critical elements such as ergonomics, speed, heat tolerance, towing, shock absorption and much more in mind. Our knowledgeable, experienced and skilled staff will put in the due diligence to ensure the right product is specified for each and every customer. Our in house testing facility and quality procedures dictate the continued delivery of high quality and sturdy product that RWM Casters has been known for since 1935.

Industries served include:

  • Automotive & Transportation
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Heavy Duty Equipment Manufacturing
  • General Fabrication and Product Manufacturing
  • Food Services
  • Medical
  • Industrial Bakeries
  • Industrial Laundries
  • Retail & Display
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Assembly Lines & Logistics
  • Anything that needs to roll!

Please visit our website at where you will find 2D/3D CAD model downloads of our caster series, additional product information, whitepapers, testing information, videos and more!

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