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MK III-LR Weather Station

The MKIII-LR system measures, records and transmits the following data: WIND SPEED, WIND DIRECTION, TEMPERATURE—OUTSIDE, TEMPERATURE—INSIDE, RELATIVE HUMIDITY, BAROMETRIC PRESSURE, RAINFALL. It also computes: DEW POINT, WIND CHILL, TEMPERATURE/HEAT INDEX. The system is available in a variety of configurations, depending on what the user requires.

• The MKIII-LR Sensor Assembly is included in every system, as it collects and transmits the data. The solar-charged battery supply is guaranteed to provide continuous operation below 60° latitude, and will operate at least 25 days without sun. The passive solar shield for the temperature/humidity sensor is modeled after the National Weather Service design. The solar panel and battery are guaranteed for five years. It's sleek design (just 5" x 6" x 27", and under 7 lbs) belies its rugged construction. The extension mounting mast, fabricated from 11/4" schedule #80 PVC pipe, will fit any standard tripod or TV antenna mount.

• An attached Rain Gauge can also be included in a system.

• The Weather Oracle® multi-display can be purchased to display the Time (date), Temperature (outside, inside, wind chill, dew point), Relative Humidity (temperature/heat index), Barometric Pressure (rising, falling), Rainfall (current, accumulation), Wind Speed and Wind Direction (variation). Maximums and minimums are available to the month, day, hour and nearest minute. The display offers brightness controls to suit the ambient lighting conditions, and can be wall-mounted or placed free-standing (a wall transformer powers the receiver). The MKIII-LR allows for multiple peripheral use. You can have as many displays or interfaces as you wish. The only limitation is range and power availability. The multi-display is available in an attractive cherry, mahogany or black wooden frame.

• The CC-2000 wireless computer interface records and stores weather data received from the MKIII-LR sensor assembly. Purchase this with the multi-display or instead of. It can be placed anywhere, as it's not connected to the display in any way. The interface has 32K of RAM which allows you to log the weather data at rates from once-per-minute to once-per-hour. It will store data up to three months at once-per-hour record rates. Easy to install and use, it also includes an RS-232 cable to interface with your computer serial port. The Interface can connect to a dial-up modem, permitting remote access to locations such as camps and summer homes. Whichever components you choose, the MKIII-LR system offers everything you need for a comprehensive professional or home-use weather station.barometers, thermometers and a variety of other weather products.

WIND SPEED (ANEMOMETER) Range: 0 - 150 m.p.h.; 0 - 67 meters per second; 0 - 240 Kilometers per hour; 0 - 130 Knots.

Resolution: 1.0 unit.

Accuracy: ± 2% of full scale.

WIND DIRECTION Range: Oracle Display has 16 point wind rose, current direction by bright LED, and direction variation by dimmer LED's. Computer interface gives reading in degrees, 360°=North, 090°=East.

TEMPERATURE- Outside Range: -66° to +166° F; -54° to +74° C. Accuracy: ± 0.5° F; ± 0.25° C.

TEMPERATURE- Inside Range: 32° to +122° F; 0° to +50° C. Accuracy: ± 1.0° F; ± 0.5° C.

RELATIVE HUMIDITY Range: 0 to 100 % R.H. Accuracy: ± 2 % at 25° C. Temperature compensated from -40° to 85°C

DEW POINT Range: -40° to +140° F. Accuracy: ± 2° F, ±1.0° C.

TEMPERATURE/HEAT INDEX Range: To 160° F, 71°C. Accuracy: ± 2.0°, ±1.0° C.

WIND CHILL Range: to -127° F; to -88° C. Accuracy: ± 2° F, ±1.0° C.

BAROMETER Range: 16.3 inches Hg. to 32 inches Hg; 551 to 1084 millibars (hPa), absolute reading. Digital offset for site altitude. Accuracy: ± 0.05 inches Hg; ± 1.69 millibars (hPa). Temperature compensated from -40° to 85°C.

RAINFALL Range: Unlimited Tipping bucket with 8 inch diameter collector. Resolution: 0.01"; 0.25 mm. Accuracy: ± 2% at 1.5 inches per hour.

TRANSCEIVERS Range: may be reduced by walls or other RF absorbing structures. Each MKIII-LR system will transmit over 1 mile LOS*. Frequency: 2.4Ghz Update/sample Rates: Every 2 seconds, no delay.

* Line of sight is defined as an unobstructed view from transmitter to receiver. Obstruction between the transmitter and receiver may affect overall range.


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