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Duplex Chain

Duplex Chain is designed for serpentine drives where sprockets must be driven from both sides of the chain. Ramsey manufactures three different series of duplex chain: SC duplex has been around the longest, and is the most economical.

Rampower duplex offers over two times the power rating of SC duplex and is most often employed in new equipment.

Ramflex is the most robust duplex design and offers the maximum power capacity.

Advantages of Silent Chain for Power Transmission

Silent chain offers today's drive designer unique advantages and options for transmitting power smoothly, efficiently, and economically. Capable of transmitting loads and speeds that exceed the capacity of all other chains and belts, silent chain provides proven technology that is found in applications throughout modern industry. Silent chain also produces very little vibration or noise, and operates at efficiencies as high as 99%. Add to these features a wide range of standard chain and sprocket sizes and the result is an extremely flexible and powerful system for power transmission.

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