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LifeGuard-Ramsey’s New Wear Resistant Silent Chain-Image

Typical conveying chains contain pins that are riveted, or headed, on the ends. Since these pin heads are exposed on both sides of the chain, they can be susceptible to several types of wear. They may rub against lateral guides or transfer plates, which can result in the gradual wearing of pin heads. Alternately, the exposed pin heads may snag or hang up on any protruding edges along the conveyor's path. This snagging can lead to conveyor surging, glass breakage and chipping, or shearing away of the pin head. Once the pin head is worn away or shaved off, there is nothing holding the chain together and it will start to come apart. If that occurs, the conveyor will need to be shut down so the chain can be repaired or replaced.

Wear protected glass conveying chains are designed to prolong chain life by guarding exposed pin heads against wear and by preventing chain snagging. Ramsey offers a number of different chain designs that accomplish this goal. One effective method of protection utilizes special interlocking side links that not only guard against pin head wear but also greatly reduce the size of gaps between the links, significantly reducing the potential for snagging on lateral sides. This is the design employed in Ramsey's LifeGuard chains.

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