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Ramsey Chain Couplings Replace Morse Couplings -Image

Each Ramsey chain coupling consists of two fully machined, alloy carbon steel sprockets with hardened teeth, enclosed by a Ramsey silent chain. Coupling chains are sized to maximize the area in contact with sprocket teeth, resulting in increased load carrying capabilities and low unit stresses. Connection and disconnection is simplified with a standard cotter pin connection, or optional spirol pin connection.

All Ramsey couplings have a torque capacity that is greater than the torque capacity of the largest shaft on which they can be installed. Also, Ramsey chain couplings easily accommodate angular shaft misalignment of ½ degree and parallel misalignment equal to 2% of the chain pitch.

To find out more about Ramsey's chain couplings or other silent chain products, call 704-394-0322, or email us at

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