Product Announcement from Ramsey Products Corporation

ULTRALIFE™ Glass Conveyor Chains-Image

UltraLife is Ramsey's best quality conveyor chain. It was designed in cooperation with major glassware manufacturers for high-speed production lines and field tested in glass plants around the world. UltraLife chain has been proven to last longer than any other conveyor chain we have tested. The improved performance of UltraLife is the result of Ramsey's proprietary link and chain production techniques. These techniques produce driving links that are flat and uniform, with straight-edged, burr-free apertures.

The straight edge of the aperture maximizes the link area contacting the pins and reduces joint bearing stresses and wear. Process controls throughout component manufacture and chain assembly ensure consistent chain pitch and quality. Consistent pitch results in very little fluctuation in chain velocity and uniform wear throughout the life of the chain.

Ultralife chains are available in both standard and extended pitch and can also be fitted for use with Ramsey's ALLGUARD side link.

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