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 Real Tech, Inc. understands that one size doesn't fit all for water quality analyzers, and therefore our Spectrum series product offering reflects this by providing you with various product solutions so you can tailor your analyzer to your specific needs.

Whether your application is for wastewater or high purity (ultrapure) water, requires high wavelength resolution or just a single water quality parameter, Real Tech's new spectrum analyzer product series can be configured for your specific water type requirements.

Real Spectrum Platinum Series

The Platinum series analyzers combine high wavelength resolution with the power of a deuterium light source as used in high end lab spectrophotometers, resulting in our most accurate and sensitive spectrum analyzer. With the addition of our optional Platinum Visible Plus upgrade which adds a tungsten light source to your analyzer, the spectral range is extended into the visible region. The high resolution data provided by our Platinum series analyzers is especially recommended for applications requiring more complex multi-component analysis using Real Tech's chemometric software package available with the Touch Panel PC interface option.

Our Technology Advantage

All of our Spectrum series analyzers utilize our exclusive patented and patent-pending technologies to provide many strong competitive advantages, including superior performance, ease of use and cost effectiveness, making continuous spectroscopy analysis much more practical and attainable.

Our spectrum analyzers have Real Tech's specially designed optical bench at their core. This proprietary technology provides Real Tech's spectrum analyzers with a significant technology advantage. In keeping with Real Tech's core philosophy of combining simple and robust designs with best in class performance, our spectrum analyzers bring all the advantages of the traditional cabinet analyzer without the complexity, maintenance headaches and expense.

By using only a single oversized sensor for all wavelengths, while at the same time reducing optical components, Real Tech's spectrum analyzers can realize an unmatched optical efficiency resulting in a very high signal to noise ratio when compared with the conventional photodiode array approach.

Real Tech's spectrum analyzers all use the same unique proprietary technologies found in our highly successful UV254 series instruments. By compensating for the effects of lamp and sensor fluctuations over time, as well reducing the otherwise dramatic effects of flow cell fouling, these technologies allow the elimination of measurement drift that is so common in similar types of instruments.

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