M2000 Water Quality Photometers for Wastewater

Product Announcement from Real Tech, Inc.

M2000 Water Quality Photometers for Wastewater-Image

Our M2000 series is ideal for heavily organic laden wastewater applications. Utilizing our exclusive Split-Sense Pro technology coupled with three different shorter path length options for the monitors flow cell allows you the selection needed to meet your specific application requirements.

Our M2000 model uses our shortest path length option of only 2mm, which allows for the best detection capabilities within the heaviest organic laden applications.

The M2100 model uses a path length of 4mm to still give superior detection within heavy wastewaters, but allows for a slightly higher upper range detection capability for providing detection in moderate wastewaters as well.

Finally, the M2200 model uses a 10mm path length which provides for detection of both heavier organic loads while being able to accommodate detecting more moderate to lighter organic levels as well.

With any of the M2000 series monitors, our Pump System with Real Clean option allows for the easy use of this product series in non-pressurized and open channel applications.

To download the Real UV254 Product Series Brochure in PDF format click here.

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