MR-12Ni Metal Refractory Infrared Burner

Product Announcement from Red-Ray Manufacturing Co., Inc.

MR-12Ni Metal Refractory Infrared Burner-Image

The Model MR-12Ni is a corrosion resistant surface combustion gas fired infrared burner. Its durable construction, metal alloy foam emitter and nickel -plated cast iron body meet food grade specifications. The MR-12Ni is ideal for food industry applications such as cheese melters for frozen pizza, meat cookers for retail chains and the redi-serve market.


  • Flash resistant fine porosity metal alloy foam emitter
  • Nickel plated durable cast iron housing
  • Modular construction for cost effective, easy maintenance
  • Replaceable emitter with secure attachments
  • Threaded union connector assembly for quick change of burner
  • All stainless steel manifolds and nickel plated union and orifice nipple for 100% corrosion resistance


  • Delivers 20,400 BTU per burner section
  • Develops radiant temperatures up to 1700° F (927° C) at maximum fire with 2.5 to 1 turndown ratio
  • 60 sq. in. of burner face per 12" x 5" section
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