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Reedy International Corporation's SAFOAM FPE-20 is a 20% active foaming agents which improves melt tension and melt flow. It is commonly used in injection molding for the creation of structural foam composites and for the elimination of sink marks, reduction of part warpage, and for minor weight reduction. In extrusion operations, it is used for the creation of standard size cells in medium density extrudate.

Main Uses

Recommended for olefinic-based thermoplastics that reach the decomposition temperature during injection molding or extrusion. SAFOAM FPE-20 is commonly used to create a minimal foam structure to eliminate sink marks and reduce part warpage. Small amounts are also used to create a very fine cellular structure in the extrusion of low-density foams with direct-gas processing and can be used in various applications in conjunction with gas counter-pressure and gas-assist molding technologies and in the CoralFoam™ process. SAFOAM FPE-20 is also used for processors with short L/D screws or poor mixing capabilities to increase uniformity in the foam extrudate.


  • Creates a standard closed-cell foam structure
  • Improves melt flow & dispersion in thermoplastics
  • Improves melt strength
  • In-line paintable
  • Improves cycle time in injection molding
  • Increases extrusion output rate
  • Achieves significant weight reduction
  • White foams
  • Enhances surface appearance
  • No pin holes
  • FDA approved - safe for food contact
  • pH balanced and buffered formula
  • Improves process economics

CFA Process Range: 284°F (140°C) to 446°F (230°C)

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