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Water Tank & System Upgrades

Service Detail from Res-Kem LLC

 Water Tank & System Upgrades-Image

Res-Kem provides upgrades for old water treatment systems and tanks to retrofit this equipment with new internals, refurbishing them for ongoing use in industrial and commercial water treatment applications. Exterior components of your water system may be in useable condition, but the internals are non-functioning or obsolete. Your system may have been manufactured by a company that is no longer in business. In these cases, Res-Kem can re-engineer your system with new internals, providing you with a customized, effective solution at less cost than a completely new system.

Res-Kem offers retrofits and upgrades of hub and lateral internals or false bottom with strainers.

Hub and Lateral
Res-Kem can refurbish old water softeners, water filtration systems, and dealkalizers with completely new, customized, re-engineered and made-to-fit hub and lateral systems. This is the most common type of internals refurbishment. For larger systems, Res-Kem can also do header - lateral internals.

False Bottom with Strainers
For refurbishing demineralization systems in chemical plants, power plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, and other industrial applications where high quality water is critical, Res-Kem can design and install new strainers for existing false bottom units.

Complete End-to-End Retrofit Solution
Res-Kem provides the complete reengineering of your old water treatment system/tanks. We provide the engineering to redesign the internals, design any customized components, manufacture or procure all components, and install the new customized internals in your system.

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