Digital Inclinometer, RDI Series LCD display

Product Announcement from Rieker, Inc.

The RDI provides both single or dual axis inclination sensing in a rugged environmentally protected housing. The sensing package incorporates a modular design allowing the user to select the measurement range and temperature compensation that best suits the individual application. Input ranges of ±10°, ±30° and ±70° are standard for both single and dual axis models, however, special single axis ranges up to ±130° can easily be accommodated. Non-symmetrical ranges such as -10° to +50° are available for applications that only tilt in one direction.

Multiple output configurations have been incorporated in the RDI. The box can be supplied with any combination of digital LCD display, analog 0.25 to 4.25V output, RS232 output, and up to four (4) open collector outputs providing the maximum functionality. These switch outputs operate like an "on/off" function allowing for activating external buzzers or lamps or turning equipment on or off. Also available with fully adjustable trip angle settings along the full range of the sensor.

The LCD display can be configured to display degrees, percent grade, or inch per foot rise with either 0.1° or 0.01° resolution. The display model comes standard with green, yellow, and red LEDs. These are set at predefined angles within the requested measurement range - providing the operator a bright visual signal. Examples of LED programming: For leveling applications - the LED function is set so the green LED turns on when level then switches to yellow or red when out of level; For indication of safe and unsafe conditions (such as preventing vehicle rollover) - the green light would indicate the vehicle is within the safe operating zone, the yellow light would indicate a warning zone, and the red light would indicate the vehicle is on a slope that exceeds the recommended safe operating zone - giving the operator a bright visual immediate danger signal to return to more even ground. The digital display model also provides relative zero and min/max functions. The relative zero allows the operator to temporarily zero the digital readout to obtain relative slope changes. The operator will always know when the device is in the REL mode by the (*) symbol that is displayed after the angle. The min/max function provides the smallest and largest angle the device has sensed since the last reset.

There are up to four (4) open collector switch outputs that can be optionally set to switch anywhere within the measurement range and can be configured for either normally open or normally closed operation. The outputs can be used to drive an external buzzer, horn, lamp, solenoid, or relay allowing for audible and/or visual warnings and possible equipment shut down control. This also allows remote operation of the box from the warning lamps and buzzers. Each switch output can be delayed from 0 to 16 seconds to eliminate false triggering. These outputs are available in both display and nondisplay models.

In the case of a display model the outputs are tied directly to the LED's on the front panel and are configured to indicate when switching occurs on the open collector outputs. The analog output is available as either temperature compensated or non-temperature compensated depending on the required accuracy for the specific application. A 12 bit digital to analog converter is used to perform the conversion. The RS232 output is presented in decimal format in degrees, percent grade, or inchper foot rise. The output is formatted one reading per line for single axis units and two readings per line for dual axis units. The first reading for a dual axis unit represents channel 1 (normally side to side) and the second reading represents channel with both channels reading the same direction for redundancy in safety applications.

Rieker is a leading manufacturer of Electronic and Mechanical Inclinometers for a variety of industries worldwide - accurate, rugged inclinometers, boom angle indicators, custom slip indicators, and tilt warning devices. Our inclinometers are used by multiple industries including: Agriculture, Aviation, Construction, Drilling, Government, Industrial, Marine, Military, Mining, and Transportation.

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