Full 0 to 360 degree range inclinometer

Product Announcement from Rieker, Inc.

Full 0 to 360 degree range inclinometer-Image

The NG360 is a liquid capacitive based inclinometer used for measuring the tilt angle of any object with respect to gravity within a 0 to 360° range. This inclinometer features an integrated 16-bit single chip microprocessor, which provides for linearity and temperature compensation.

The basic sensor consists of four separate sensing elements whose outputs are combined to provide a highly accurate linear output over a complete 360° tilt range. An inclusive EEPROM stores the calibration data and dynamic control functions. The embedded software virtually eliminates total errors by compensating temperature drifts and sets the sensor dynamics for specific customer applications. It provides a very accurate 360° angle output with a RS485 interface. When used along with the SC485B (RS232/RS485) converter the user has the possibility of connecting up to 78 units on the same communication line.

Two computer programs are included along with the NG360, "Get Angle" and "NG360 Setup", for viewing the measured angle real time. These programs run on Intel compatible PC's under MS Windows 95/98. Although the NG360 can be operated on any half duplex RS485 interface, they recommend the Rieker Electronics interface converter SC485B for problem free operation.

-Applications- The NG360 inclinometer is the ultimate solution where a high degree of angle measuring accuracy is required along with PC data logging capability. The NG360 has been used with very good results in the mining industry, for pitch and roll measurements, bridges, agriculture machinery, process machines, transport systems and vehicle tilt monitoring plus many other applications.

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